In modern buildings where there are a lot of solutions for heating sources and heating systems, the ventilation system has to correspond to the interior climate design of the whole room. If we use a heating pump as the source of heating, we shouldn’t burden the system excessively with free-flow ventilation. Each free-flow unit in the exterior wall is extra heating loss and extra burden on the heating pump. Here an air-to-air heat exchanger ventilation device is of use, which reduces such heating loss considerably. Lower fuel energy costs and possibly a smaller heating pump model are the results.

If you decide in favour of free-flow ventilation, i.e. fresh air coming through vents in exterior wall and going out from the bathroom, the warmth from the used air should be reused. For this, the ventilation system’s exhaust pump is supplied with a heat exchanger that returns the heat of the used air to into the heating system.

The important thing about ventilation systems is also piping. Both metal and plastic ventilation piping is on offer. The advantages of plastic ventilation include the recognition of the Allergy Society as well as the pipes’ antistatic interior surface. This means that the interior of the ventilation system does not get as dirty in time. Attention: not every plastic pipe is a ventilation pipe! The recommendations of the producer have to be followed and one has to make sure that a sewage pipe, for example, isn’t installed instead of a ventilation pipe. Such a pipe ventilates, yes, but it only ventilates a sewage piping system!

The most important thing here is to take into consideration people who live in the houses that the system is planned for. Is one or another system even acceptable for them? Devices which have a heat exchanger dry the air; free-flow systems cause seasonal problems for allergic people etc. In conclusion, the users of the house have a lot to say in deciding what a good ventilation system could be like.

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