Air-to-water heat pumps

A simple way of producing heating from air

The Junkers air-to-water heat pump is the simplest way of using renewable energy. No official permits and approvals are needed to install the device; there is no need for lots of land and a land collector in the vicinity of the building. An air-to-water heat pump is simple to install and takes little space. Expenditures on heating will fall and you will take care of the environment around you at the same time.


Junkers air source heat pump AE/ASC is meant for heating private houses and supplying them with hot water. These achieve the most effective operating regime with low temperatures of the heating system, for example in combination with underfloor heating. The AE-series heat pumps consist of an indoors and outdoors device.

The outdoors device AE (AE 60-1/80-1/100-1) is installed outside the building and it consists of a fan, compressor and evaporator. The indoors part ASC is located inside the building and consists of a hot water boiler for utility water needs, an extra electric heater and a regulator.