Solar heating

Let the Sun in your home and use its energy!
The reserves of ordinary sources of energy are decreasing irretrievably year after year – they will suffice for around 40 years more. But the Sun will light the sky for at least 5 billion years more, offering an unlimited source of energy. The Sun sends as much energy to Earth in 20 minutes as mankind needs for a whole year. Thus one of the main tasks of the 21st century is to find a focused and practical way of utilising solar energy. A good solution here is solar collectors that in the future will be an ordinary phenomenon on every rooftop. If you want to bring a piece of the Sun into your home, the decision has to be made already today since it is a serious investment in the future.

The Sun helps to take care of the environment
Heating water with the help of solar energy saves oil and gas supplies. The less fuels are used, the less air pollution there is and the better the effects on the environment.

The Sun does not send you a bill

The cost of sources of energy grows every day while the Sun will bring energy directly to your home every day - without any risk or deficit, without raising taxes and tariffs. A solar collector promises to cut the amount of energy needed for heating water by up to 60%. 

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Flat-plate solar collector – ideal for heating water and for partial heating of rooms with the help of solar energy.




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